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1. Getting started, login types

Postby Kibosh Support » Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:06 am

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Getting started
When you have the app successfully installed (see installing Kibosh beta), you are now ready to begin.
The welcome screen allows you to select either to Login or Register.
When at either the login screen or registration screen - you can swipe left or right to toggle between 3 different screens (listed from left to right):

If you have already registered, and you have a username and password - simply enter these here and you can log into Kibosh.
If you forgot your username or password, follow the link Forgot username or password?.

If you are a new user, you can register here.
Simply choose a username, password and provide an email for recovering your credentials.
Note that we will not send you any spam, or give your email to any 3rd party. Your email address is there only for recovery purposes or very important updates - no marketing.

Login unregistered
Kibosh also offers the option to log in as unregistered. This option is there to allow a quick access to the app.
Please read the disclaimer on this screen and note that registering is advised for multiple reasons, mainly the ability to keep your history, choose a username, being able to reconnect and more.

Tags: Getting started, Login, Register, Login unregistered
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